Things to Consider about a Postnatal Massage

by admin

 If you’ve just had a baby, a postnatal massage Singapore probably sounds like a really good idea. Some new moms would like to try a massage treatment that will promote weight loss and skin toning, others would like to jumpstart the healing process after the long, hard journey of carrying and giving birth to a baby. Most new moms who are thinking of scheduling a postnatal massage Singapore are stressed, tired and need a bit of relaxation time to recharge and pamper themselves.

In all of the hectic excitement of the days and first weeks after giving birth, it can be really tough to schedule in time for a massage. During this time, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Have your partner, mother-in-law, or a family member that you trust care for the baby for a while so that you can take some time for yourself. This will be easier to do just after your newborn is fed, changed, and settled in for a little while.

You can also find a massage therapist who will perform your treatment at home; this can be more convenient and easier for new moms who are worried about being away from their little ones. If you do schedule a treatment outside of the house, plan ahead and try to choose a time when your partner will be home to care for your baby. This way, your mind will be at ease and you can really relax.


Make sure to talk to your doctor and get the go-ahead before you get massage treatments. You’ll want to avoid any strenuous kinds of massages if you have high blood pressure (as massage can stimulate blood flow). Avoid massages altogether if you have any major medical issues.