Domain or sub-domain – that is the question

by admin

Like all web properties, websites or anything else, a blog must have its own address. It means that your very own blog must be located on a domain. The domain name is your blog’s Internet address. An Internet address is actually a sequence of numbers separated by periods. It is a unique combination of numbers. Computers are good at remembering numbers. Humans are not. They do much better remembering names, such as how to create a blog.

Domain Name Servers (DNS servers) form the link between addresses humans remember easily and the number-based computer addresses. They are the phone books of the computer world.


Your brand-new, earth-shattering blog must be in this Internet phone books or nobody can find your blog regardless of how fascinating and brilliant it is. Getting a valid Internet address is, therefore, the first must-do on your list of how to create a blog steps. But how exactly do you get a domain name?

Essentially, there are two ways of going about it. A blogger must decide which to opt for:

  • Get your own domain
  • Use someone else’s domain name.

One is easier and cheaper. The other requires a few additional steps and a bigger financial commitment.

It is easier to setup a sub-domain to an already existing domain. Blogger is an example of this type. If you elect to use a sub-domain of blogger, your preferred sub-domain name cannot already exist. That’s about it. Disadvantage? You do not own your blog. It is a sub-domain of They can shut it down if they don’t like your content.

Sub-domain blogs are good for beginning bloggers. However, serious bloggers would rather have their own domain. Go pick a domain name, check if it is available, register it with a registrar and pay the annual fee. Start blogging.